USA Hockey Magazine published a great article about MRSA infections and hockey players.

"Bacteria can lurk on the equipment, which allows a means for infection to spread quickly among teammates, opponents and through an entire athletic program."

Read the entire story online to learn about the dangers of stinky equipment!

MRSA Will Affect Someone You Know
If you think MRSA will never happen to you, think again. John Spiering was playing hockey two or three times a week - in a league and in a regular pickup on Sunday mornings. One Friday, he got a cut on his finger and played hockey all weekend. By Tuesday, he was in the Emergency Room with a MRSA infection in his finger, which he contracted from his hockey gloves. The doctors told him that he could have easily lost his finger and he could have even lost his life. MRSA is multiplying every day and the likelihood that a staph infection WILL happen to YOU is growing at an alarming rate. Fortunately, John received the medical help he needed and is recovering from his brush with death. And luckily, John knows about Super Clean so he does not have to buy all new equipment. Instead, John brought his gear to Super Clean. Super Clean service will eliminate the bacteria that caused John's illness from not only John's gloves but all of his gear.