USA Hockey Magazine published a great article about MRSA infections and hockey players.

"Bacteria can lurk on the equipment, which allows a means for infection to spread quickly among teammates, opponents and through an entire athletic program."

Read the entire story online to learn about the dangers of stinky equipment!

Teen Contracts MRSA from Lip Piercing
A Kansas-City area teenager got more than he bargained for when he tried to pierce his lip. 15-year-old Zeke Wheeler is recovering at Children's Mercy Hospital after undergoing six blood transfusions, three knee surgeries and two hip surgeries in order to remove a drug-resistant infection called MRSA from his body. He still faces heart surgery and more hospitalization before his ordeal is over. Moreover, doctors say Wheeler may experience chronic problems from the severe infection. The deadly infection got inside Wheeler's body and into the blood stream. Once in the blood stream, MRSA can infect the heart, cause pneumonia, and get into the bone, which may require surgical intervention, such as in Wheeler's case. To read more, please click here.